Brandywine Public Strategies, LLC develops innovative strategies for dealing with thorny public problems by working at the crossroads of policy and politics.  With unparalleled experience in global and US business, the non-profit sector and government, Brandywine Public Strategies sets the standard for partnering with you to navigate challenging public affairs issues that directly impact your organization’s success.  We develop and implement strategies that are creative, yet practical; complex, yet understandable.

Founded by Robert W. Perkins, Brandywine Public Strategies provides clients with a variety of public affairs and public policy services, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Research and Analysis
  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Ally Development and Advocacy
  • Executive Coaching and Consultation

Today’s political and economic realities mean fast-paced public policy changes affecting such areas as healthcare, education, business and government are here to stay.  Influencing and informing policymakers and opinion leaders to achieve sound decision-making demands a highly sophisticated approach characterized by a solid grasp of complex issues, a persuasively transparent style of communication, the cultivation of trusted relationships and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our practice.  Brandywine Public Strategies is committed to a principled, bipartisan approach coupled with the highest standards of integrity and respect for both our clients and their audiences.